About Us

Our Story

What are your office equipment shopping habits? Going to stores to review each product or refer to online sales sites? Whatever it is, you need to consult the reviews before buying any printer, projector, or scanner.

Ever since I was a programmer, I have cherished the passion of building a place where shoppers can find helpful reviews of the products they are interested in.

Of course, my job related to information technology at that time did not allow me to pursue this passion. It was not until recent years when I had spent enough time researching and researching office equipment, that I could confidently carry out the long-cherished project. It is a blog specializing in the evaluation of office products such as printers, scanners, projectors.

Our Team

Allen V. Branch started as a programmer. My university studies are mainly related to the field of information technology.

With a passion for electronic devices for office work, I have spent many years researching, comparing, and evaluating devices from many different brands. Up to this point, I am confident enough to give you the most helpful advice.

But to build a quality blog, my knowledge alone is not enough. Accompanying me is a team of editors in providing office equipment. 

Some people are owners of a reputable business unit in the field, and others have long-term experience in electronic equipment in general, office equipment in general.

Greg Knighton

He runs a retail chain of office equipment and cooperates with many famous names such as Canon, Kyocera, Konica Minolta.

As the co-founder of this website, he gives a lot of helpful advice about the brands that supply office equipment today and points out the companies' current selection trends: companies, businesses, and individual customers.

Sidney Scott

She is currently a senior officer for a technology company. She has spent many years learning about electronic devices with a passion for machines and gadgets, especially office equipment. She always wants to find products that help optimize every job while being the most budget-friendly for the company.

With the above experience, she is responsible for being the leading content creator of this blog. You will come across quite a few reviews and comparisons written by Sidney Scott. And you'll want to say thank you for the helpful tips she gives you in every post.

Michelle Halverson

She graduated from college with a major in professional communication and is currently leading technology newspapers.

Her main task in this blog is to edit the information of writers. It is in charge of answering questions of anyone interested in the article and the device in general.

Our Mission

With a team of technology writers, even someone who used to be a consultant for businesses and companies, our blog is on a mission to provide you with honest, valuable reviews, and more. 

We will recommend devices from the most prestigious brands and quality names that you may not see recommended on the market.

We take great pride in this as our team of writers has tested more products than you can find anywhere else today. Therefore, a blog can ultimately give you unique but equally reliable suggestions.

Derived from the actual experiences of the staff themselves, so every review you can find on the website is objective, stating the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

We also indicate the audience that the product is aimed at, so you can quickly narrow your search and choose the device that suits your individual needs.

Besides providing information related to products, this blog is also a place for you to find valuable tips and advice to maintain and repair, thereby improving the life of your device.

Or if you're looking for tips on how to choose the product that best suits your company's needs? Don't worry; our team of consultants will not let you down.

Finally, we are also the address you can go to whenever you have a problem. We will always respond to all inquiries and solve any difficulties you encounter. As long as you contact us, you will indeed receive enthusiastic advice from leading writers in the field.