Privacy policy

We understand the importance of protecting your privacy and personal information. Our policies are established for you to understand how we collect, use and protect the personal information you provide to us. 

Along with that is our effort to protect your personal information on the internet and assist you in making an informed decision when using our website. The following are the details of our policy.

1. Information privacy policy

This Privacy Statement describes how we collect, use and process your personal information. In doing so, we demonstrate that we are complying with our legal obligations to our customers. Your privacy is very important to us, and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your data privacy.

This Privacy Statement is not intended to replace, alter or modify the terms of any existing license agreement between and its partners. 

In the event of any conflict between this privacy statement and an existing agreement, the license agreement governs unless specifically authorized in writing. also contains links to other websites. We would like to remind you that is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. 

We encourage customers to be mindful when leaving these websites and read each site's privacy statements that collect personally identifiable information. Our Privacy Statement applies only to information collected by this Website.

We always strive to protect your personal information in the best way. However, we may need to disclose personal information to third parties under certain circumstances with your consent. 

2. Information we collect

When you visit our website, there are two types of information that we ask you to provide:

The information that we collect from these will be protected, used, and analyzed by us to improve the quality of our services. Apart from this information, we do not collect any other information about you.

3. How do we use your information?

We use the personal information you provide and the information we collect for the purpose of managing our business activities.

From your service history we provide products and services that you are interested in or require. This information is also the focal point for us to handle your problems when using the service. 

Also monitor service usage, marketing, and advertising efforts, and improve our content and services. We use your information to improve our website and improve the quality of our services to meet the requirements of a friendly customer experience.

We may also use the information you provide to send you material changes to our website from time to time. Announce new services and special offers that we think you will find valuable.

4. Chatbot feature

When you visit our website, you will see a chat box with us displayed. This is one of our direct connection channels with customers. Our team is ready to help you at any time. So start contacting us whenever you need assistance! 

You can be completely assured that the information you provide to us via chat box will be protected according to our commit's information privacy policy!

5. Cookies, web beacons, and third-party cookies

A small text document which usually includes an anonymous unique identifier, a cookie. Cookies cannot get any data from your hard drive or transmit viruses to your computer.

Cookies are used for the purpose of collecting customer information and data. This helps our team to better manage and maintain the service. Through cookies, we also know how our users use the services, thereby helping them get a better shopping experience.

About third-party tracking technology and web beacons are also used for our operational purposes. However, we take our partner selection very seriously. 

If you go to the displayed link from the products we recommend, it is our trusted third-party partner. To ensure information security before providing, you should check the information privacy policy on their website.

In addition, when using the website you will see unexpected links appear according to google's advertising policy. We do not guarantee its safety. So please double check before providing your personal information!

6. Links

The list of recommendations we send you when searching for products on our site makes the resulting links safe and secure. Since these links are our trusted third-party partners, you are completely free to click and use. 

However, for links that appear under Google's ad attributes, be sure to double-check! Because these links appear by the business unit to spend money to advertise. You should double-check the privacy policies on those websites before providing your personal information.

7. Policy towards children

It is illegal for children under the age of 13 to use the Internet under treaty law. So we always respect and protect children.

All searches or activities by children under the age of 13 on our website are prohibited and prevented. We also do not collect information from children under the age of 13 because it is illegal.

8. Information security

We understand that protecting user information is extremely important along with improving user experience. These are the two main keys for long-term development. Therefore, we strictly adhere to our consumer protection standards and information security commitments to our customers. 

We prevent and destroy activities related to the collection of users' IP and personal information. However, you also need to be very careful in providing your personal information while operating on the internet.

9. Execution

We always take our commitments seriously to our customers. If there is any claim or dispute between us and the consumer, it will be resolved by the regulator.

10. Cookie DoubleClick DART

Like other websites, Google may use our cookies as a third-party vendor. This is google's DART cookie policy for the purpose of serving relevant ads to users across multiple websites.

If you find this policy bothering you, you can visit the link: and opt-out of advertising and other information with the privacy policy by Google.

11. Our Advertising Partner

We have safe and friendly partners. We also share with them the same use of Cookies and web beacons on 

You can rest assured that your information obtained from cookies will also be protected in accordance with the third party's privacy policy.

12. Amazon Affiliate Program is one of many partners of the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program. So the product listing links from amazon are safe ones that you can trust. When you click on a product link on Amazon, we get a small commission.

13. Changes to this privacy policy

With important changes related to information security or sales policies, we will send detailed notices to customers. 

For information that is not too important, we will actively update the policy section. This means that not all changes will be communicated to us. Please actively update if you want! Contact our team for the latest policy.